Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't forget the service..

I am OBSESSED with happy customers! Sometimes my need to please clouds my judgeship w/pricing as in taking on a lot for very little. But when you get to the bottom of it all, what's a business without fantastic customer service? It's a business that is going to go out of business fast due to it's reputation. How hard is it to find the time when someone trusts you enough to pay in advance for your design skills, to return the favor with swift answers and samples? In my opinion not hard and part of the job. But these past 2 weeks I've heard some outrageous designer faux pas that resulted in them losing their sales and their clients coming to me for reworks or completely new graphics. So let's repeat Customer Service 101 for those that don't know it, which I'm sure most of you do;)

Awesome Customer Service Includes;

1. Keeping In Reasonable Contact With Your Customers

This means answering messages in a timely manner and responding to questions as fast as possible. The lines of communication are so important when working with a client.

2. Be Up Front With Pricing

Hidden costs are a definite no no if you want return business. Who wants to pay up front for something and then be held hostage for more money? Quote as much as possible before money exchanges hands and let your customers know the limits of their purchase.

3. Revisions

Okay, this can go either way and I completely respect those that are strong enough to stand up for what's right and have a limit. On the other hand, if you send your client 3 samples and they HATE them all, why should they be stuck w/something because you have a limit? In this case I think it's sometimes better to part ways and give a partial refund. It's okay to admit you don't have the right style or can't work together. There is a tactful way do it and I'm sure most of you have done it before.

4. Listening

Please listen to what your client wants even if you think it's ridiculous. Not everyone is going to have the same thoughts on what makes up a good design. Example, if someone asks you to give them a bird don't give them a cow instead!! lol

5. I Appreciate You

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone wants to feel like they are your only client, so why not? Say thank you and leave feedback right away.

6. Don't Bit Off More Than You Can Chew

There are 2 parts to this.. One, if someone asks you for something you KNOW you cannot do, be upfront and either recommend someone else for the job or politely refuse. The second part is don't take on too much work at one time or both you and the client will suffer. I am extremely guilty of this and although I think it's come out okay so far, I do spend my whole life working. Too much at once = slow production = angry clients.

I'm sure there's a lot more and if I can think of them I'll add to the list. Please post your comments too.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

REVEALING Graphic Design by Tara Feature

OMG! Not another feature featuring moi!! lol It's like being inside my mind...Scary ain't it??

Thanks to the wonderful Kathleen McGiveron for featuring my Graphic Design Shop.


FREE PIF Birdy Happy Earth Day

Show your love for the Earth and do it for FREE! LOL

I felt inspired today to do my part online/offline so if you'd like a copy please visit my site.

Thanks much and Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am finding all of these fantastically helpful articles today. I think this one is definitely a keeper for all year long to get great ideas on trends.


Why logo design does not cost $5.00

I have been bitching about this all week and I think this just about sums it up!

Why logo design does not cost $5.00

Highly recommending this blog for anyone interested in this industry.

Have a good read!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let them eat cake!

To kick off my new obsession, Marie Antoinette Treasury on Treasury East...

Thanks for looking!

♥♥♥Join my THREADKILLER for Business Logo Design♥♥♥

Hey all☺

Time for another threadkiller and this one is for a FREE business logo design. Regular price $35, retail price a heck of a lot more! lol

All you have to do is post on this thread, easy peasy! After 48 hours of no one posting anymore the winner will be notified via convo. My posts do not count, multiple posting okay!

Thank you so much for playing, can't wait to see who wins...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super Duper Logo Blow Out Sale!!!!

Because I am feeling so happy go lucky today I bring you the "Super Duper Blog Out Steal of a Deal Logo Sale"

I am having a limited time special sale on Logo Design. Regularly $35 now only $15.00!! This is not a premade logo or even one w/limited revisions. You get the same care as if you paid $125 for $15!

How to get your logo;

1. Purchase Listing

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2. Check out and put "Logo Sale" in message to seller. If you forget to do that or would rather, you may convo me.

3. Please do not pay, I will send you an invoice through PayPal.

4. After you pay we begin!

This sale is not forever, so get yours now. Ends 12:00 AM PST Sunday 25th, (or I guess you could call it early Mon. morning?).

Thanks much for being so great and wonderful! I appreciate all the support/love the handmade community has given me over the years.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Business Cards: Still Currency in the Digital Age

I’ll never cease to be blown away meeting tweeps in real life. Thanks to @kirste (Kirsten Mitchell), who told me about the #SM201 conference, I met a ton of people at the tweetup I would otherwise not know—including some of the conference’s top-flight speakers.

It was especially fun to meet dynamic afternoon keynote speaker, Chicagoan @williger (Darren Williger), who gave a fascinating, fun and informative presentation spanning the days of bulletin boards (the first engaging social media platform) to the present. He also shared some cool information about tools available that can aggregate all of the social media streams we populate. Also great to connect with were morning presenter @Uschles (Udi Schlessinger), who talked about intelligent tool building; @mikewhitmore (Mike Whitmore) of Fresh Consulting; and afternoon panelist @digitalkvan (Nadia Aly) of Microsoft. Can I just say all of them were just terrific, not to mention friendly and nice?

The lounge at the Belcarra Apartments was lush and inviting, and the food by Russell’s Dining (Bill Gates’ favorite caterer) was fantastic. With all of the talking, shaking of hands, iPhones, Blackberrys and Droids, one thing I noticed was, people still exchange business cards.

In this digital, “wannabe paperless” age, there is still something nice about the tactile and physical experience one has receiving an attractive business card. And it doesn’t seem so “wrong” because it’s such a small piece of paper. To a graphic designer it’s a good thing, because it demonstrates the importance of investing in the creation of identities and branding, and the natural extensions to web and other collateral.

There were a few people and companies there who understood the importance of first impressions, but they were the exception rather than the rule. I noticed a number of the cards opted for a generic “template” look. Cards are reflections of each person and their companies, so it’s curious why cards would be treated like such an afterthought. Two of the speakers had run out of them altogether.

The conference offered a wealth of in-depth information on a broad range of topics. The more exposure I have to social media events such as #SM201, the more I learn and the more enthusiastic I become about Twitter. Is it just that I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid? I don’t think so. Twitter brings like-minded people together, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of them. Just don’t forget your business card!

Udi Schlessinger and Mike Whitmore
Darren Williger and tweetup attendee
Nadia Aly and Iris Kao
Joe Kennedy

A nice recap of Social Media 201 by Udi Schlessinger @uschles

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Digital Invitations are Here!

Entirely New Shop Section Digital Invite Templates personalized just for you! Easy peasy print yourself or use an online service.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And then there was more...

Thank you to Etsy for finally screwing up their site so much that we all are running to these newer, better, faster, more caring sites! The more you mess up admin, the harder your competition works to steal your seller/buyers! Great job Rob! You have made me a happy gal!

Visit My Store at

Visit me here, it's like an Etsy site that works!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello people! Finally some down time to rant and rave. I just joined DeviantART and I'm hoping to add some more things as I go along.

I've also joined Zibbet as I previously posted. Etsy is all in a bunch over Zibbet so I know it's gonna rock!

Other than this so many, many, new items have hit the pages of my Etsy shop since my last post.

I did graduate from my business logo class and I think I learned a lot by default. Meaning, I got the books and illustrator a month before so I was forced to read them and learn first. Still more to go, I want to master illustrator by the summer if not sooner.

Thanks for following my trials and tribulations!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thank you EtsyVeg!

My wonderful teammates have added me to their fabulous bunny themed treasury!

Please visit and see all the fluffy cuteness!

Rampaging Rabbits Running Realistically,