Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"You Get What You Pay For"

Why low graphic design prices hurt EVERYONE...

So you think you're getting a bargain by paying $10 for a logo? Most of the time, you aren't even getting an actual logo, but a graphic posing as a logo. A real logo should cost enough to represent the time, quality, and effort put into a design by the artist. What you think is a deal for a low price will end up possible costing you 10 times that in the long run. These are some things to look for when purchasing a low/high priced logo design. A good designer should be able to cater to all of these things and come to a compromise of ideas with you.

Well designed logos are made for the long haul of a business and include;

A design that incorporates your business as a whole so that it can be used whether you are only designing widgets or canned preserves! lol

Test of time meaning, is the style trendy now and it will fade out of fashion eventually? You want a designer that lives in the long term not just short fads that come and go.

Fonts that are used well and would stand alone without any graphics.

Colors that can blend into any marketing situation such as; labels, packaging, business cards, etc.
For example, if you use a white color anywhere in your logo design that will touch backgrounds eventually, are you positive that your client will always have a dark enough background for it to show up on? Or will some of the design be lost if they change their business color palettes? I repeat "LONG TERM" thought should be put into designs. Also, too many colors is always a problem. Unless you are absolutely sure you will never change a thing about your business, keep it 3 colors or less.

Graphics can be used but there are always some things to be considered. As I stated before, trends and timelessness are 2 different things. Be aware that a chick on your logo today may not be what you want in a year or more. (Yes, referring to my own logo here.) Also, too many graphics can take away from the actual company info. and this is when I call it a "graphic" not a logo. Sometimes designers play better with graphics than fonts and I completely understand this. I love graphics too and that's why I design ads, banners, etc. But a logo is a company's prime eye candy so the company name should be the most relevant to the design. Graphics should complement not overshadow.

MAKE IT LARGE! If you make your client's logo large from the start they can easily w/out to much graphic design knowledge, resize it smaller. Giving someone something small for a label logo and then expecting the client to resize for fliers is going to be a problem.

Transparent background please... .jpg is a nice format if you just want to add something to a similarly colored background or you feel you can change the background colors yourself. However, chances are if you are buying a logo you want to use it on everything. Transparent background .png is my best friend and I know my clients can easily resize and put their logo on all of their marketing materials.

I don't have all the answers heck, I mostly don't even know all the questions!! lol But I can attest to having just recently redone some of these so called "logos" where the client thought $10 would actually pay to brand their company. Usually, I have to scrap the whole thing they present me with and start fresh.

Besides the fact the client is being ripped off, we have to understand how our own actions effect the design community as a whole. If there is a talented designer out there charging well below the market price for their work, clients will then expect others to lower their prices. Each individual/job is different and we all should figure out what's comfortable to us. I don't believe in regulating prices or anything like that. However, as prices go down so does a professional reputation. It's like Wal Mart vs. Nordstrom, who do you want to design your special event wear? To be more clear, as I stated in the beginning...

"You Get What You Pay For!"

Now go spend some $$$ on graphic design services! lol


Recent logos, (not redesigned, fresh off the Photoshop).

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