Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bento a la All Things For Sale! Plus Weekend Wrap Up

All Things For Sale is my new one stop Bento shop! I just made this little Bento Breakfast for my son and he put up with it;)

Of course the cloud graphic was supplied by Graphic Design by Tara aka moi;)
I'm looking forward to using more of my new goodies and doing some girly boxes. With 2 boys it's hard to push the pink!

Stay tuned for more Bento fun and please visit our happy Bento fun place...

So besides Bentoing my butt off, what the heck else have I been up to? Well, more than I can handle definitely! lol

I've been working on some book covers, blog buttons, and general personal nonsense. Still playing w/the Kawaii images.

Graphic Design just gets better as you go along in your career and I still say stick to the crowd that makes you happy, such as Etsy sellers. Nothing beats creating art!

In other entertainment news... Jersey Shore pissed me off and completely sent me into a 2 hr. deep depression:*( I LOVE Sammi and I just can't take anymore. Those other b*tches are just completely jealous of her because she doesn't throw her "nana" in people's faces and she has the looks and class they lack. I know Ron is standing by her now, but I saw a preview where he is friends w/J'Whore (go Sammi;), and it's just gross. I'm hoping Sammi will find the biggest, most popular, best looking, richest, football player, and get married to him. She deserves some peace and to get away from MTV.

I also saw "The Swan", which I'm sure you can see cameos online for now. It's basically non-artistic porn and a lot eating disorder/schizophrenia. Not saying don't see it, on the contrary, it's an f'n masterpiece of crazy! Just please don't make me go w/you and see it again...

The band is playing today and I'm not. I have a new obsession (besides Bento) for getting back into dancing shape. I was a "dancer" not the kind w/a pole, thanks. And I haven't really done anything structured since the early 90's. So now I'm taking a dance class w/my bestie Heather and we have a show in June. Let's see how long it takes me to get tired of all the hard physical work.

Thank you for reading!

*Please note, picks are from All Things For Sale, other products were all purchased at Marukai Market. I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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