Monday, February 20, 2012

Verdun and the Forbidden Forest

A photographer and writer named Jonathon Olley has a wonderful photo essay entitled "The Forbidden Forest" here. The photos are from a little article in Orion magazine; a small portion with a nice slideshow can be found on-line and is worth a moment to read and reflect.Imagine if, say, the former border between the U.S. and the Confederate States was a twenty-mile-wide zone where everything from tons of explosives to a hand-sized canister of poison gas lay buried in the earth. Where every basement, furrow, waterline, and sandpit risked encountering these hidden yesterdays in a manner somewhere between nervewracking and tragic.
"Often, with toxic shells held close to an ear, one is able to hear the bone-chilling swish-swish of the liquid gas as the shell is gently rocked from side to side."
Is it any wonder that nations of western Europe have not, by and large, outgrown their dislike for war?

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