Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Mojo has wanted a new workplace for her laptop for some time.

The front room (a.k.a. living-room-dining-room-family-room-place-for-all-people-almost-all-the-time) has one particularly wasted space in the bay window in the northeast corner. We removed the other wasted bay when we added the porch, but the remaining one is a constant, nagging, reminder of the poor design of the little 1920s spec house we live in.

We've been limping along trying to shove various desks in the space. They have been functional at best, but what my bride really wanted was something custom-made to take advantage of the space. So being the loving spouse I am I finally got down to crafting a fitted desk to the space over the New Year weekend after mere months of promises and prevarication.And here is the grateful helpmeet at her new desk. The supports are a pair of kitchen cabinets salvaged from the Rebuilding Center, total $20, while the tabletop is a pair of clear pine 1/2" boards, total $24. The IKEA desk this contraption replaced cost, I recall, something like $45, so an actual saving of one dollar was realized!I'm glad my sweetie is happy. But if only doing something about the single bathroom in the house was this easy...

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