Friday, February 12, 2010

Going pattern crazy? Don't mind if I do!

Mad For The Plaid, Polka Dotty, Silly Stripes! Yep, here at GBT I am going pattern crazy! I have been spending a lot of my down time today, (now that both my kids are home and drive each other crazy!! lol), creating patterns in Photoshop.

Here is the Alice In Wonderland inspired banner I just created.
As soon as I can I am going to either resurrect my Deviant Art Site, or add some of these and more to my FREE section on this blog. Here are some examples of what I've been working on...

Patterns can be so much fun and don't have to be as basic as some of the ones I have here. There are so many endless color/shape combos and it's super entertaining to mix them up!

Okay, I definitely need to go outside and get some sunshine now. These patterns are starting to make my eyes go funny!

TOU - Feel free to copy everything here except the watermarked Banner. These swatches are for personal use only which includes; adding to your own blogs, websites, avatars, and banners. If you'd like a background for a commercial project, please contact me. Graphic Design by Tara If you do decide to use anything here or on my FREE page I would love to see it and add it to this blog.

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