Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things to do when there's nothing to do!

Sitting here thinking a lot lately because my shops are slow. Here's a list of things to do when biz gets slow that will perk up your shop and make things start moving again.

"What to do?"
  1. Go to Etsy promos section and start answering all those threads with your info. Now you have the time to actually look at other people's items and comment on their blogs. I can guarantee this will be not only appreciated, but returned to you tenfold.
  2. Start a blog, flickr, Big Crumbs, Twitter, etc. Join a ning group such as "We Love Etsy". Spend hours of fun jazzing up your little space of the internet.
  3. Submit your site. This is something I"m very familiar with because I had a website for many years off Etsy where I sold my jewelry. There are so many places to get listed! Start by Googling submit website, website directories, and things of that nature. You could do this all day and never run out of lists to add your shop to.
  4. Get Organized. Take some time to catch up on shop accounting. It's always a good idea to go through what's laying around and try to make sense of everything. Even the most highly organized person probably needs to at least empty the trash in their office! lol
  5. Learn something new. As most of my readers, on/off Etsy friends know, I am currently catching up on my graphic design knowledge. Last time things were this slow I learned how to make art pendants, scrapbook, and crocheted some scarfs. Keeping your mind busy keeps it off your slow sales.
  6. Start free shops on other selling sites. It never hurts to have your site come up as much as possible on Google. Starting a shop on Artfire and sites like it is a snap. Put a couple of items and even if they don't sell, free publicity rocks!
  7. Write a tutorial. It's always fun to use your knowledge to help others. Why not write about something you want to share and either post it for free somewhere or sell it on Etsy? Nothing is better than an email only sale! I love the idea of less packaging and not going to the p.o.
  8. Inspire yourself. Sometimes we get so obsessed with checking our online site and the business end of it all, we forget why we started this darn thing in the first place! It doesn't matter if you are a graphic artist or a bath and body person, there's always something out there that will get your creative juices flowing. Go to a museum, park, perfume store. Promise you it will be worth it!
  9. Start a list of business/personal goals. Even though we love our shops and want them to succeed, it's always good to take an account of how it is impacting your life and the people around you. Create a short list of what you'd like to accomplish goal wise in all things. Please remember to put your family and self first♥
  10. Start again at number 1 until business picks up!
*Please note, the best thing to do sometimes is just walk away from your computer/biz for 24 hours and then come back. Usually things are hopping again.


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