Monday, July 12, 2010


First let me say that I LOVE the real Avatar and I was beyond happy to see any version of it. Although I really enjoyed watching this movie, it was nothing like avatar.

Problems, problems, problems!

These characters are ASIAN!!! Not from England, America, nor India. So what's up w/these people in the movie? I don't want to see a British Grandma telling an old story, this isn't frickin Narnia.

Pronunciation! People please, fans of Avatar do recall the names of the characters. Need I say more?

Uncle Iro. One of the most beloved characters of all time. He appears as a fat tea sipping jolly old elf in the real avatar, that eventually disrobes and is shown as a muscular hero. His appreciation of the old ways and spirits is like his nephew's conscience. Shamma Lamma destroyed Uncle Iro in this and I'm sure he will pay...

What can you expect when the "Avatar" movie forces Shamma Lamma to use the title "The Last Airbender"? Incidentally, Avatar sucked:( Stupid blue people stealing my Aang's name...

So if my rant isn't enough, (which if you love Avatar it's not going to be:) please visit here for another chuckle:

Today I will try and push past this movie disaster and as soon as my kids get up we're celebrating the Bday.

Other exciting thing coming up, Kathy and Maggie Griffin are coming to Borders!!!! So I'm sure I will have pics and commentary later this week for you all.

Thanks for passing the days with me!

P.S. Everything can't be work! Boring, boring, blech:(

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